Five Types of Life Insurance Buyers: Which Describes You?

Five Types of Life Insurance Buyers: Which Describes You?

Five Types of Life Insurance Buyers: Which Describes You?

While everybody and every situation is unique, frequently life insurance prospects can fall into one of five different personas. Not everybody, mind you, but many fall into these categories.

Doubtful Dan

Dan is doubtful that he needs life insurance and maybe that he is even going to die. If he does admit his mortality, it will usually be followed with the caveat “I’ll be dead anyway.” He can laugh it off, but will his family be able to?

Later Larry

Larry knows he is not indestructible. He is just not worried about anything happening to him anytime soon. “Maybe later” Larry would say, “When I can afford it.” Later never seems to come for Larry, but it will.

Basic Bob

Basic Bob will get life insurance, but only if his mortgage company or business partner demands it. Even when he gets it, it will be at the very basic, minimal level necessary to comply. He doesn’t want a fancy funeral anyway.

Cover Me Corey

Corey recognizes the value of life insurance and wants to make sure he is not a burden to those left behind. He wants enough life insurance to cover his final expenses and debts. That will help his family and give him some peace of mind.

Paul the Provider

Paul not only wants to make sure any debts and final expenses are not a burden, but that his family can fulfill their wishes of staying in their home and living a lifestyle they have come to expect. He will try to get enough life insurance to cover his children’s future college expenses. He recognizes what a gift that would be for his family and the peace of mind it will bring to him.

Do any of the above describe you and your thoughts about life insurance? Have you even been quoted for a plan in years? We may not change your mind but we may surprise you with how affordable today’s life insurance products can be. Contact us for a no obligation, no cost life insurance quote today. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your family.

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