Is a Bucket List a Good Idea?

Is a Bucket List a Good Idea?

Is a Bucket List a Good Idea?

Simply put, a bucket list is a list of things you wish to do, see or accomplish before you “kick the bucket” or die. It has been the subject of countless discussions and even a movie. Is a bucket list a good thing? Do you have one? What are some things to consider for your bucket list?

Some think the concept of a bucket list is a bit morbid. Others view it as helpful recognition of your own mortality. It can serve as a motivator and remind you there are still things to be done. Whether you have a written bucket list or a mental one, here are some things to consider about items on your bucket list.

Bucket List Items Should be a Challenge, But Not Impossible

It is one thing to want to surf in Hawaii, it is another to want to pilot a rocket to Mars.

Keep Steps to a Minimum

The more steps it takes to achieve a bucket list item, the less likely it is you will accomplish it. Some bucket list items can be broken down into steps, like “I want to learn to surf” and “I want to visit Hawaii”.

Consider What it Would Take to Accomplish the Task

A bucket list item should not be a “that would be nice” experience. It should be something that adds fuel to your life. Truly give some thought to what it would take and what is stopping you from achieving it.

Choose a Diverse Blend of Items for Your List

A bucket list should contain a good blend of travel, physical or mental challenges, overcoming fears, honing a skill or experience an event. This is your list, however, and no one can tell you what should or shouldn’t be on it.

Bucket lists can be a terrific conversation starter and a terrific way to gain further insights even into people you may think you know well. Enjoy working on and thinking about yours.

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