Things Around Your Home Are Disappearing!

Things Around Your Home Are Disappearing!

Things Around Your Home Are Disappearing!

It happens so slowly, many homeowners don’t even realize it is happening. Before they know it they are saying “Whatever happened to?” or “Where did the ____ go?” or “Don’t we have any ___ anymore?” Yes, things around your house are disappearing. Here are some of them. Keep your eyes out for them.

Regular Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs were once expensive and uncomfortably bright. Some are still uncomfortably bright but most of us have at least started to change to higher energy bulbs and even LEDs. Those olds light bulbs? There are a few stubborn ones left behind, but they are a dying breed.

Bread Makers

If you purchased and still use a bread maker, congratulations. Your club is shrinking, however. Bread makers are near the top of the list of items found at a garage sale.

Electric Can Openers

Yes, there was a time when we were so lazy opening a can we needed a better way. Then we discovered electric can openers were disgusting to clean and looked horrible on a kitchen counter. Bye-bye.

Bar Soap

That happened quick. Liquid soaps in pumps took over the world in just a few years. Yet there are a few holdouts. Carry on bar soap soldiers.

Metal Wire Hangers

Wire hangers were a mainstay of homes through the 80s. Dry cleaners handed them out like peanuts and then people slowly stopped going to dry cleaners as frequently. Plastic hangers did a better job and were inexpensive. Now the only time they are missed is when you need a long metal thing/piece to get something out of the thing-a-ma-bob. If you still have a wire hanger or two, cherish it.


Socks have been missing for generations. There is simply no logical answer.


Sure, why not slop the floor with soap and water with a heavy cloth at the end of a stick. Mops should have disappeared long ago. Swiffer? Yes please.

Wash Cloths

Call ’em loofas, poofy balls or whatever, they have largely replaced wash cloths in America’s showers. Their demise will be paired with that of bar soap.

Popcorn Seeds

Popcorn seeds begat Jiffy Pop which begat the Air Popper which begat microwave popcorn. There’s no going back.


Kids are wearing Velcro shoes until they are teens. Adults are wearing Velcro shoes in their fifties. In between, there are Sandals, Sketchers, UGGs, Vans Mocs and Crocs. Who needs shoelaces?

Stapler’s, Staples and Paperclips

Seriously, when was the last time you needed to connect multiple pieces of paper together at home? Odds are you needed a paper clip more recently to remove the memory card from your phone than to attached papers. You may still have some, but they too, will soon disappear.

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