Summer and the Increasing Chances of an At-Home Injury

Summer and the Increasing Chances of an At-Home Injury

Summer and the Increasing Chances of an At-Home Injury

As summer approaches, it is worthwhile to note that the warmer weather can also be a factor in increasing the odds of an injury accident at home. If the injury is significant enough, it could lead to a homeowners’ insurance liability claim. So as the thermometer rises and visitors increase, here are some activities in which to take extra precautions.

Yard Work

Most of us don’t consider working in the yard or garden as a hazardous activity but it can be; especially when power tools are concerned. Riding and power mowers, weed eaters, hedge trimmers and chainsaws can cause some serious injuries rather quickly. Be cautious about wearing loose clothing and wear eye protection. You’ll also want to be careful when digging to make sure no power lines are nearby. Contact utilities companies to mark buried pipes and wiring prior to digging in your yard.


We often forget that there are still hazards to be aware of even after the grill gets started. Only grill outdoors and away from other structures and anything flammable. Never leave a grill unattended when it is lit. Keep your grill well-maintained and clean. Grill foods thoroughly and avoid basting foods with liquids the meat was marinated in. Use long-handled tools when grilling out and keep surfaces clean. Keep a spray water bottle handy to tame flare-ups.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

If you enjoy cycling, wear a helmet and bright clothes to improve visibility. Stretch muscles before running, jogging or even playing volleyball. Be cautious around the wet surfaces surrounding a pool. When entertaining outdoors at night, make sure there is sufficient lighting to help prevent slip and falls. Be cautious not to over-serve alcohol and suggest visitors use a ride-sharing service or have a designated driver if drinking.

If you haven’t reviewed your homeowners’ insurance policy in years, now is a good time to make sure you have sufficient coverage. Maybe you’ve made some home improvements since your last review or perhaps housing values in your neighborhood have increased. Our independent agents can help, no matter which company issued your current policy. They can tell you what your policy covers and where there may be gaps. They can even secure quotes from multiple companies to ensure your rates are competitive. Contact us today to make sure you are prepared for the increasing activity the summer will likely bring.

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