Can I Afford Renters Insurance?

Can I Afford Renters Insurance?

Can I Afford Renters Insurance?

Those who rent their living space usually do so for one of several practical reasons. Some enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle renting often provides. Others appreciate the affordability of renting vs purchasing. Still others may find themselves in a situation that may be temporary, and renting is the best option. No matter the core reason for renting, tenants should understand how important renters’ insurance can be. They should also understand how affordable it is.

Why Renters’ Insurance is Important

Some tenants have the misperception that the property owner, or landlord, will have insurance to protect them in a loss. The fact is, a landlord will likely have insurance, but only to protect their own interests. In other words, their building or structure would be covered, but not your personal property. This puts all of your clothing, furniture, electronics, collectibles and digital devices in harms way.

What Renters’ Insurance Covers

Renters’ insurance covers your personal possessions from a variety of calamities like storm damage and fire. It also will protect you in the event of theft, which is more likely to happen to renters than homeowners. There are other valuable provisions in renters’ insurance policies as well, like liability coverage should someone get injured in your rental home or apartment. Your personal property may also be covered when traveling or in your car.

But Can You Afford It?

Renters’ insurance is one of the most inexpensive forms of insurance available today. Depending on your situation, you may be able to find renters’ insurance for as little as a dollar a day. This is terrific protection, especially for those who have expensive electronics and digital devices. You may even be able to save more by bundling auto insurance with renters’ insurance. So, can you afford renters’ insurance? The question may really be can you afford not to have it?

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