10 Tools Singles and College Students Should Have in a Starter Tool Box

10 Tools Singles and College Students Should Have in a Starter Tool Box

10 Tools Singles and College Students Should Have in a Starter Tool Box

Life is full of meaningful moments. There’s the time we got our first job, our first car and our first love. There’s also that time a person begins to assemble their very first tool box. Whether they are moving out on their own, sharing an apartment or house or attending college, here are the 10 items everyone should have in their first tool box.

  1. Claw Hammer
    A claw hammer is an essential tool in any tool box. It allows you to hang pictures, pound in or remove nails and lets the neighbors know when they are making too much noise.
  2. Flat Head Screwdriver

This versatile tool allows you to attach or remove flathead screws and can even be used as a prybar or to break apart clumped ice. Teamed with a claw hammer it can almost be unstoppable.

  1. Phillips Screwdriver
    While Henry Phillips is often credited with inventing the star-shaped headed screwdriver, he actually was a businessman who bought and patented the invention. A Phillips head screwdriver is a necessity in homes today, especially when working on appliances, electronics and other manufactured goods.
  2. Tape Measure

Everyone should at least have a tape measure that will extend up to 8-feet. This is sufficient to cover just about everything you’ll need to measure in a home or apartment.

  1. Standard Pliers

Pliers can help you grip, pull, and pry. They are usually adjustable. It’s often worth getting pliers with rubber insulated handles for comfort and insulation purposes.

  1. Level

A level helps assure you your curtains and pictures are hanging properly. Simple, effective and very useful for a newbie’s toolbox.

  1. Needle Nose Pliers

These feature a more pointed head than standard pliers and often have the added benefit of having a wire cutter.

  1. Razor Knife

A razor knife is useful for everything from opening those delivery boxes to cutting rope and string. You may be surprised with how often this comes in handy.

  1. Electrical Tape

A small role of plastic, black electrical tape is useful for fixing frayed wires or making other minor household electrical repairs.

  1. Putty Knife

A putty knife and some spackle can make the difference in whether you get back your security deposit or not. It’s definitely worth the few dollars it will cost.

There may be a time for power saws, planers and routers but for those just getting started, the above tools will prove to be useful. They are a must for any starter toolbox.

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