Roof Damage and Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Roof Damage and Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Roof Damage and Your Homeowners’ Insurance

Roofs are one of the largest and most important features of a home. Its coverage is also a critical part of any homeowners’ insurance policy. Roof coverage has some unique aspects to it. Homeowners’ should be aware to have the right expectations when it comes to claims and to take full advantage of the coverage they have. Here are some things you should know about roof damage and your homeowners’ insurance.

I need a new roof. Will my homeowners’ insurance pay for it?

Not if you need a new roof because your roof has outlived its lifespan. If a roof needs to be replaced due to age and simple wear and tear, the homeowner will be responsible for the cost of replacement. Now, if the roof has been damaged due to a covered peril, act of nature or through an accident, your homeowners’ insurance policy will usually cover its replacement.

My roof has a leak. Will homeowners insurance pay to repair it?

If the leak is due to wind damage or some other covered peril, leak repair should be covered. If the leak is the result of lack of maintenance repairs likely will not be covered.

What steps do I take to file a claim?

First, have a qualified roofing company provide an estimate on repairs or a full replacement if necessary. Contact your insurance representative to file a claim. Once your claim is filed you will probably be contacted by an adjuster who will validate your claim and offer a settlement.

Can I use my settlement check and make repairs myself? 

Most insurance companies don’t have an issue with this. There are risks, however. If repairs or replacement isn’t properly done, you will be responsible for any additional repairs. In some cases, the terms of the homeowners’ insurance may require use of a licensed, qualified contractor. It is best to check your policy.

You should also beware that payments for roof damage claims are sometimes adjusted by the age of the roof. In other words, the older your roof is, the less your insurance policy may pay. Contact your insurance agent for details.

If you haven’t reviewed your homeowners’ insurance policy in years, your home may have outgrown its coverage. Contact our independent agents for a no-cost, homeowners’ insurance review. We may be able to find you improved coverage at a more affordable price. We look forward to assisting you with your roof-related and other homeowners’ insurance questions.

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