Renters Insurance and College

Renters Insurance and College

Renters Insurance and College

Getting prepared for college is a huge project for both parents and students. This is particularly true when students will be living on their own, potentially out of town or out of state. Not only are there school related duties to take care of but students are oftentimes setting up their own household for the first time. This alone can be a significant project.

Students will be packing up furniture, clothes, computers, electronics and other personal items and moving into their own space. For students, its an exciting time to get out on their own. For parents, there is often a strange sense of pride and worry as their child takes the next step to adulthood. Who will be there to remind them to stay away from bad influences and to take the necessary steps to stay safe? Who will remind them to lock the doors of their car and apartment?

The best thing parents can often do is make sure their students are prepared. A way in which you can do this is verify that your child will be covered while at college. If the parents currently have homeowners insurance, most insurance carriers will carry coverage to a student at school. This coverage is company dependent and has limitations. Parents should check with their agent for specific company coverage’s.


One way to do this is to have renters insurance to better protect them and their property.

While we may initially think students don’t own that much of value, a closer look can see how those possessions add up. There are those name-brand clothes, the expensive cellphone, laptop or notebook, flat screen television, cookware, furnishings and more. It doesn’t take long to realize even a college student likely has thousands of dollars in possessions. Renters insurance can protect it all.

Additional benefits of renters insurance includes liability coverage, in case someone would get injured in a rented property. Possessions can also be covered when traveling and in the car.

Perhaps, most of all, renters insurance can take the sting out of phone calls like “Mom, my laptop got stolen” or “We had a party and my cellphone came up missing” or even “We got robbed”.

Renters insurance is extremely affordable and offers another layer of protection as a student heads off to college. Coverage can start at as little as a dollar a day. This is a small price to pay for peace of mind. If you would like to learn more about renters insurance, and how it may be even more affordable when bundled with your homeowners or auto insurance, please contact us. See how our independent insurance professionals can help make this next step just a little bit easier and more secure.

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